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In order to achieve its objectives, SEII carries on and develops the following activities

1. Organization of various ‘events’ :

  • Lectures ( with luncheons or in the evening )
  • International conferences
  • Debates
  • Visits to scientific or industrial sites

Depending on the theme and type of event, the target audience for these activities includes mainly engineers and industrialists, as well as members of the corresponding associations.

As of June 30, 2019, SEII had organized some 150 lectures, 12 international conferences and 10 visits to industrial sites, civil engineering projects or research centres.

You can find a list of these ‘events’ on our ‘Library’ page, with the option to download a number of presentations.

2. Develop partnerships with :

  • Industry ( companies, professional associations )
  • Universities, polytechnic schools and other engineering schools
  • Academies for science & technology
  • Engineering associations and the associations for – continuing – engineering education

3. Disseminate information and communicate our views :

  • On all subjects that fall within the scope of our mission, as defined on page 2.
  • Through various channels such as : newsletters, press releases and other position papers, social networks, active participation in events organized by other associations, …

Please find below the logos of our current partners :

Note that, for the organization of our various international conferences, it has been possible, from time to time, to count on various industrial, organizational, academic or other partners.