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As we point out in the previous pages, we have arrived at a key stage in the evolution of our situation, which is simultaneously seeing :

  • New knowledge and applications appearing at a spectacular pace.
  • Prodigious challenges looming on the horizon so that we can continue to ensure sustainable development.
  • Misconceptions circulating – especially in Europe – which reduce the attractiveness of the engineering profession.

As a result, SEII has made it its mission to act as a catalyst for the engineering and industrial world, through a varied offer of suitable activities.

SEII could not fulfil this essential role without the financial support of its members, through their annual subscriptions

The annual subscription for individual members is :

  • 120 € if the member is still professionally active
  • 70 € if the member is retired
  • 25 € if the member is a student

If you are not yet a member of SEII and wish to support its action, please fill in the form below ( if you only wish to receive regularly our information messages, please send a message via the “Contact us” section on the home page of this site ).

The membership fee for “company” members vary on a case-by-case basis. If your company wishes to become a member of SEII to support its action, please inform us by e-mail at : we will then get in contact with you.

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