Is the European green deal achievable? , 2 novembre 2011

Article de réflexion sur le plan vert européen, par Samuel Furfari et Ernest Mund, publié par The European Physical Journal Plus , une revue scientifique de référence , le 2 novembre 2021.

Abstract :  “Technologies evolve under the impact of several factors starting from the progress of science and innovation. Usually driven by market forces, the evolution is slow. With regard to energy, the time unit is roughly a century. Concerns about climate change add a new element: political decisions. The EU committed itself at the end of 2019 to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, mainly through the implementation of wind and solar energies. A comparison between past data and forecasts related to the change sets the difficulties clearly in evidence. The paper discusses the requirements for the European Green Deal to be successful.”

Une copie pdf peut être obtenue auprès de The European Physical Journal Plus au prix de 42,29 Eur.  Une copie pdf peut aussi être obtenue en s’adressant au Professeur Ernest Mund.