Biden’s Vainglory Brings Abject Humiliation in Afghanistan, 30 août 2021

Article du Wall Street Journal par Gerard Baker, le 30 août 2021.  (NB : article complet réservé aux abonnés)

” ‘America is back,’ the president said in February, promising to ‘live . . . by the power of our example.’ …  But as a lesson in the tragic cost of vanity, not much can top the spectacle we have witnessed in the past few weeks: an administration so steeped in self-belief, so driven by self-confidence, so disastrously misled by the vain order it imagined it could impose on the world; a hubris now paid for not in a high-level resignation or even an expression of contrition, but in the lives of American troops, lions again sacrificed to save the faces of the donkeys who lead them. …”