Fostering, through our activities, the essential role of the European Engineer in our society

In the framework of its mission, SEII, spurred on by the members of its Executive Committee and other Committees, organizes regularly various events. In this way, you will have the opportunity to participate in the events decribed below.
Other events are being prepared for the next months. You will be kept informed.

Next events organized by SEII

Richard Roucour

Friday 27th March – Luncheon-lecture

Under the title "Living and working differently with digital technology", Richard Roucour, computer engineer and assistant director of TECHNOCITÉ, will briefly present the major developments in the latest digital technologies, describe what are its main professional domains, and then address the question of the impact that these developments will have on society in general, and in particular if it will lead to some form of digital divide.



    Our next events :

        29th April 2020 : Jef Ongena, Research Director of the Laboratory of Plasma Physics of the RMA, about ITER and nuclear fusion
        19th May 2020 : Thierry Geerts, CEO of Google Belux, subject to be determined ( evening conference ! )
        3rd June 2020 : one day conference on the recycling of materials in the framework of circular economy

Please find on our page « Archives », the list of our previous events, among which a large number of lecture-lunches and several international conferences ( presentations made during these conferences can be read and downloaded ).

SEII is also present on the European scene, essentially in the fields of engineering education ( higher education and continuing education ), of the recognition of engineers’ qualification and of their mobility and employability. Please find more information about that on our page « Description of our activities », and also a number of articles and reports related to that subject on our page « Articles ».

At last, SEII is in touch with other associations linked with the world of engineering and keeps up with their activities. We try to keep you informed about the events they organize in our quarterly newsletters.