Fostering, through our activities, the essential role of the European Engineer in our society

In the framework of its mission, SEII, spurred on by the members of its Executive Committee and other Committees, organizes regularly various events. In this way, you will have the opportunity to participate in the events decribed below.
Other events are being prepared for the next months. You will be kept informed.

Next events organized by SEII

Franco Cozzani

Friday 3rd May – Luncheon-lecture

If everybody knows about the existence of thermonuclear bombs and of missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, their working and their impact is usually not so well known. Under the title « Vivons-nous encore dans un monde à multi-mégatonnes ? », Mr Franco Cozzani, PhD ( Phys. Sc. ) and Deputy Head of Unit at the E.C., will give a broad outline of the technological evolution of that kind of weaponry and recall what the great events that marked that evolution have been and what their geopolitical impact has been ( and will be ). He will speak on a strictly personal basis.



Alain Delchambre

Friday 24th May – Luncheon-lecture

The progress of advanced medicine, such as therapeutic endoscopy, requires the development of specific tools, different from those of conventional surgery. Under the title « Médecins et Ingénieurs : ensemble pour la chirurgie du futur », Professor Alain Delchambre (ULB) will explain how doctors and physicians of the gastroenterology department of Erasmus Hospital and engineers of the Bio-, Electro- And Mechanical Systems (BEAMS) department of the “Université Libre de Bruxelles” (ULB) collaborate since 2003 to design new surgical instruments.



Please find on our page « Archives », the list of our previous events, among which a large number of lecture-lunches and several international conferences ( presentations made during these conferences can be read and downloaded ).

SEII is also present on the European scene, essentially in the fields of engineering education ( higher education and continuing education ), of the recognition of engineers’ qualification and of their mobility and employability. Please find more information about that on our page « Description of our activities », and also a number of articles and reports related to that subject on our page « Articles ».

At last, SEII is in touch with other associations linked with the world of engineering and keeps up with their activities. We try to keep you informed about the events they organize in our quarterly newsletters.