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Archives des Tables Rondes et Colloques Internationaux

18th November 2015

 Carbon composites

How carbon composites are revolutionizing our world !
Program of the conference
1-Emeritus Professor Dr. Ir. Ignaas Verpoest : “Carbon fibre composites for structural applications : from scientific fundamentals to advanced engineering”
2-Dr.Makoto ENDO : “History and future vision of carbon fibres development ”
3-Dr.Larissa Gorbatikh : “Nano-engineered structural composites : opportunities and challenges”
4-Professor Dr. Christophe Binétruy : “The major role of manufacturing processes on the use and properties of carbon fibrereinforced composites”
5-Dr.-Ing. Axel Herrmann : “Challenges for the application of carbon composites in aerospace and automotive”
6-Dr. Ir. Claude Michel : “Solar Impulse : wings for the future”
7-Professor Dr. Ir. Joris Degrieck : “Carbon composites for energy-related applications”
8-Dr. Achilleas Stalios : “The EU-policy on carbon composites : highlights of actual projects and future trends”
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15th November 2013

International Colloquium on Shale Gas
« Shale gas : what is at stake for Europe ? »
12th October 2012 Innovative Biotechnologies for Human Healthcare : challenges for engineers, scientists an industrialists, with a regulatory perspective 
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