Fostering, through our activities, the essential role of the European Engineer in our society

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Institutionnal Partners

Fondatin Universitaire Club International du Château Sainte-Anne Fabi
University Foundation
Registered & operational office of SEII
Club International du Château Sante-Anne
Fédération Royale d'Associations Belge d'ingénieurs Civils, d'Ingénieurs Agronomes et de Bio-ingénieurs
UFIIB Claiu-eu Feani
Union Francophone des Associations d'Ingénieurs Industriels de Belgique
International Association for Continuing Engineering Education
European Federation of National Engineering Associations
SEFI Institut des Hautes Etudes de Belgique
European Society for Engineering Education
European Institute for Industrial Leadership
Belgian Nuclear Society
European Alliance for Innovation
EAI Ingénieurs Belges
Société de l'Electricité, de l'Electronique
et des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communication
Ingénieurs Belges

Industrials Partners

SEII is particularly grateful to the following companies for their logistic support in the organization of one or more important events:
Solvay Areva Electrabel
Westinghouse spie  

Other interesting links

When clicking on their name you will get a number of interesting links: AGIF-ISF, CNISF, AIM, IMcheBenelux, ABCA-BVEC, Roularta, ...