Fostering, through our activities, the essential role of the European Engineer in our society

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Why becoming a member

At a key stage in the evolution of our civilization, at the very time when new knowledge and applications are appearing at an extraordinary pace, it is essential to keep oneself informed of the latest developments of science, technology and economy.

This is the role that SEII intends to play for engineers and industrialists, notably through an offer of:

Caspar David Friedrich→ Regular information on questions that are of interest to engineers and engineering.
→ Participation to lectures and international conferences.
→ Regular contacts with colleagues from other institutions or companies.
→ Information about a number of programmes of the European Commission.

 SEII could not play such an essential role without the financial support of its member through their annual subscription.
This is why, if you are not yet a member, we ask you to join us in the large family of SEII’s members.

Subscription fees

La SEII admits different types of members:

1° Individual effectif member In activity
120€ / year
  70€ / year
  25€ / year
2° Society member   100€ / year and per representative
( Society members of SEII may appoint any number of representatives, each of them having the title of effective member )
ampoule If you are not a member yet, do not hesitate anymore and become as from now an
Individual Member
Company Member


Keeping yourself informed

If you do not want to become a member, but wish nevertheless to receive our newsletters and keep yourself informed about our activities, please add below your e-mail address to our mailing list :

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