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Please find below some selected information that we want to echo.

Affiliation to the Club of the University Foundation
Effective members of SEII who have paid their annual subscription may apply for membership to the Club of the University Foundation – and benefit from many services – with a 33 % reduction on the normal fee, that is 100 € instead of 150 €. Application & payment must be done via SEII.

Karel Vinck Awarddownload the file in PDF.

Master in EU Studies onlinedownload the file in DOC

MBA-BAEF – Fellowships for MBA and similar Management degrees in the USA
download the file in PDF


Please find below a number of feature articles that have been written by SEII's :

« IS SCIENCE HARMED BY BELIEFS AND LOBBYING ? » - Thoughts on two recent books on this subject by Marc GOOSSENS Ir., M.Ph.Sc. Board member of the SEII Exécutilf – Download the article.

« The World is hot, flat and crowded » - Critical analysis of two best sellers of Thomas L. FRIEDMAN – Download the article.

« The Engineer's view is opposing reverse causality » - Download the article.

« Créativité et diplomatie sont-elles toujours compatibles ? » - Download the article.