Fostering, through our activities, the essential role of the European Engineer in our society


Archives of the Lecture Committee

27th September 2019 Christian CREPET , Executive Director of Petcore Europe and President of Plastics Recycling Consultant C. Crépet, talked about « Petcore Europe, a major player in the value chain and the recycling of certain thermoplastic materials »

21st June 2019 Mrs Laetitia SPETSCHINSKY, Dr. in Political Sciences & guest lecturer of the Baillet Latour Chair ‘EU-Russia’ of UCL, gave us a lecture titled Europe, Russie, Chine – La géopolitique des hydrocarbures en 2019 Presentation

24th May 2019 Professor Alain DELCHAMBRE , (ULB), gave us a lecture titled Médecins et Ingénieurs : ensemble pour la chirurgie du futur

3rd May 2019 Mr. Franco COZZANI, PhD ( Phys. Sc. ) and Deputy Head of Unit at the E.C., gave us a lecture titled Vivons-nous encore dans un monde à multi-mégatonnes ? Presentation

29th March 2019 Prof. Dr. Pierre KUNSCH gave a lecture on the Développement de la pensée complexe et outils d’aide à la prise de décision Presentation

22nd February 2019 Prof. Dr. Ir. Jean-Pierre RASKIN showed us how L’industrie de la micro-nano-électronique dessine le monde de demain Presentation

25th January 2019 Alain BERNARD, Director and former CEO of the DEME Group, told us about its various activities, summarized by the title of its lecture: Dreging, Offshore Energy, Environmental Engineering and Marine Resources for a Sustainable Future

19th December 2018 Prof. Dr. HAMID AIT ABDERRAHIM, deputy managing Director of SCK•CEN, gave us a lecture titled MYRRHA, un projet de réacteur durable aux multiples applications Presentation

30th November 2018 Luc DE BRABANDERE, mathematics engineer and corporate philosopher, gave us a lecture titled L’intelligence artificielle : une parmi beaucoup d’autres

26th October 2018 Marc VAN DEN NESTE, CTO ‘Building & Industrial Glass’ of AGC, gave us a lecture titled Défis et innovations technologiques pour AGC, leader mondial en verre plat Presentation

28th September 2018 Jean-Michel GHEERAERDTS, Managing Director of the sector ‘Energy’ of the CMI Group, gave us a lecture titled Cockerill Maintenance & Ingénierie : 200 ans d’histoire pour 200 ans d’avenir, notamment dans le secteur de l’énergie. Presentation

22nd June 2018 Lecture and visit of the Coo hydroelectric station

1st June 2018 Gilles LEQUEUX, Team Leader, DG Grow of the European Commission, spoke about the Développement remarquable du système européen de navigation par satellite Galiléo Presentation

4th May 2018 Eric PIRARD, Professor at the University of Liège ( Mineral Engineering and Recycling ), talked to us about L’approvisionnement en métaux critiques : importance, stratégies et impact Presentation

26th March 2018 Jean-Pierre, baron HANSEN, Honorary President of Electrabel and former Professor at the UCL, talked to us about Les transitions électriques : ce que l’on n’a pas su vous dire

2nd March 2018 Roland GILLET, PhD in Economics from UCL, Professor at the Sorbonne and at ULB (Solvay), expert to the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, gave us his answers to the question Quelles opportunités pour une relance plus soutenable en Europe (après BREXIT, …)

2nd February 2018 Professor Emeritus Jacques RIFFLET, spoke about Le déséquilibre angoissant d’un monde en pleine mutation

15th December 2017 Count Etienne DAVIGNON, spoke about L’Europe est notre Avenir

24th November 2017 M. Aart GEENS, Senior Manager of the « Energy & Utilities » section of PwC – PricewaterhouseCoopers, talked about Réussir la transition énergétique: le rôle de l’électronucléaire et des énergies renouvelables en Belgique Study report

27th October 2017 M. Jean-Pol PONCELET, former Vice-Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Energy, and Honorary General Director of FORATOM, spoke about Quelles politiques énergétiques belge & européenne ?

29th September 2017 Visit of the two most recent laboratories of the Study Centre of Nuclear Energy (SCK-CEN) in Mol (Belgium).

19th May 2017 M. Pascal WETS, civil engineer, presented Les SMART GRIDS, SUPER GRIDS et SUPER SMART GRIDS ou réseaux électriques intelligents, pari sur les énergies renouvelables intermittentes. Presentation

28th April 2017 The conférence of Mr.Umberto GUIDA, Director of Research and Innovation at UITP had to be cancelled due to the unavailability of the lecturer Hydrogen as Vehicle of Energy for Public Transport

24th March 2017 Pr. Jacques RIFFLET spoke about Les points chauds du monde, la nouvelle Europe, la nouvelle Amérique sur fond de crise islamique

24th February 2017 Pr. Henri BONET spoke about Les Radios - Isotopes à usage médical : leur production et ses aléas Presentation

27th January 2017 Pr. Samuele FURFARI spoke about Le nouveau paradigme de la géopolitique de l’énergie Presentation

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Archives of the International Colloquia and Round Table Conferences

8th-9th October 2018 Engineering Competencies for the Future Shock - The growing importance of Continuing Engineering Education
Program of the conference
1-Ir. Marc GOOSSENS (SEII) : “Introduction to the conference”
2-Prof. Dr. Nelson BAKER (GeorgiaTech) : “Deliberate Innovation for Tomorrow's Lifetime Learning”
3-Prof. Dr. Jacques SPELKENS (ENGIE) : “New Skills and Talents for New Jobs in a Changing Economy”
4-Dr. Ir. Léopold DEMIDDELEER : “New engineer's profiles for the start-up market”
5-Mrs Xiujun WU (CACEE) : “Development of Continuing Engineering Education in China”
6-Dr. Errol la GRANGE (CPD-Live) : “Engineering a Sustainable Future”
7-Dr. Diane MORGAN (Trilogy Education Services) : “Lessons from University Network Learner Analytics”
8-Prof. Yves DEVILLE (UC Louvain) : “Digital Transformation of Higher Education”
9-Prof. Ir. Pierre KUNSCH (ULB-VUB) : “Engineering Education & Complex Decision Making”
10-Dr. Ir. Georges VAN GOETHEM : “Towards a new generation of multi-disciplinary engineers in the energy sector : need for new knowledge, skills & competencies”
8th November 2017 The promise of Energy Storage : it will change our life !
18th November 2015 How carbon composites are revolutionizing our world !
Program of the conference
1-Emeritus Professor Dr. Ir. Ignaas Verpoest : “Carbon fibre composites for structural applications : from scientific fundamentals to advanced engineering”
2-Dr.Makoto ENDO : “History and future vision of carbon fibres development ”
3-Dr.Larissa Gorbatikh : “Nano-engineered structural composites : opportunities and challenges”
4-Professor Dr. Christophe Binétruy : “The major role of manufacturing processes on the use and properties of carbon fibrereinforced composites”
5-Dr.-Ing. Axel Herrmann : “Challenges for the application of carbon composites in aerospace and automotive”
6-Dr. Ir. Claude Michel : “Solar Impulse : wings for the future”
7-Professor Dr. Ir. Joris Degrieck : “Carbon composites for energy-related applications”
8-Dr. Achilleas Stalios : “The EU-policy on carbon composites : highlights of actual projects and future trends”
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 Archives of Wine & vine Committee

9th September 2019
The dinner-lecture organized by the Wine & Vine Committee of SEII has been dedicated to

Le Riesling dans tous ces États

Oenology tutorial 28: Le Riesling


8th August 2019
The Wine & Vine Committee proposed a

Visit in Hesbaye, near Namur - Program

vignoble barolo

8th April 2019
The dinner-lecture organized by the Wine & Vine Committee of SEII has been dedicated to the


Oenology tutorial 27: Le Piémont


11th February 2019
The dinner-lecture organized by the Wine & Vine Committee of SEII has been dedicated to the

Vineyards of Jura

Oenology tutorial 26: Le Jura

Château Saint-Georges

3rd December 2018
In the prospect of its annual trip, the dinner-lecture organized by the Wine & Vine Committee of SEII has been dedicated to the theme of the

Lalande de Pomerol & Saint Emilion

Oenology tutorial 25: Lalande de Pomerol & Saint Emilion

Domaine Brusset

3rd September 2018
After the visit of two wine-growing Belgian domains during the holiday period, our “Wine & Vine” Committee organized a wine tasting dinner dedicated to the

Southern Côtes du Rhône

Vine growing in that region goes back to ancient times, particularly with the Romans from the year 125 BC on. However, it is during the 14th Century that the wines from that region – among which the famous Chateauneuf-du-Pape – made their repute, spurred on by the Popes who sat in Avignon.

Oenology tutorial 24: Côtes du Rhône Méridionales

Wine and beer

8th August 2018
The Wine & Vine Committee proposed a

Visit in Hainaut - Program

Image gallery

Vignoble de Bordeaux

23rd - 25 th April 2018
The Wine & Vine Committee proposed an


Photo Album

Vins de Graves

12th March 2018
In the prospect of our annual trip, the dinner-lecture organized by the Wine & Vine Committee of SEII was dedicated to the theme of

Les Graves en Bordelais

a region that produces both red and dry or sweet white AOC wines. This time, the lecture has been followed by a high level tasting of wines, in accordance with the methodology presented in our last December dinner-lecture, and afterwards, as usual, by a convivial dinner, with vines coming from that same region.

Oenology tutorial 23: Graves

Wine tasting

4th December 2017
The dinner organized by the Wine and Vine Committee of SEII was not about a particular wine growing region but about

The fundamentals of wine tasting

Oenology tutorial 22: Dégustation du vin


9th October 2017
The Wine & Vine Committee invited us to a wine-tasting dinner

The Vineyards of Center Loire

The participants could discover the wines from the Berry region, among which Sancerre and Pouilly fumé. More information can be found in the invitation 

Oenology course 21: Centre-Val de Loire - Desciptive notes of the wines

Chateau de Bioul

20th June 2017
The Wine & Vine Committee has chosen to bet on a "warming" of our little Belgium after the ice age that we have just known and invited us to a (small)



24th-27th April 2017
The Wine & Vine Committee proposed an


Vase Grec

6th March 2017
The Wine & Vine Committee invited us to a dinner-conference devoted to Greek wines.

Wine-growing Greece

La production du vin en Grèce est l’une des plus vieilles du monde. Les tout premiers vins grecs ont été datés de 6500 ans. L'avantage du passé est d’avoir disséminé de très nombreux cépages originaux dans le pays. Malgré le fait que les cépages « internationaux » soient aussi implantés en Grèce, le gros de la production de vin provient de cépages indigènes. Il est donc primordial de découvrir ceux-ci et de confronter les vins qui en sont issus à ceux que nous buvons couramment car certaines différences de culture gustative existent souvent. 

L'exposé a été suivi, comme à l'habitude, par une dégustation puis par un dîner accompagné de vins d'excellentes qualités, caractéristiques de leur région de production, très bien cotés en Grèce mais très peu ou pas connus chez nous.

Oenology course 20: La Grèce

Bunch of grapes Madiran

10th October 2016
Sieur d'Artagnan invited us in Gascony to taste a virile wine, a wine of "Musketeer", iconic of its region:

Le Madiran

La véritable structuration du vignoble débute avec la fondation du monastère de Madiran en 1030. Très vite, la renommée du vin de Madiran sera assurée par les pèlerins de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle passant par la ville de Madiran. Il est donc devenu naturellement un vin des pèlerins et un vin de messe. La légende veut que l'occupation du Béarn par le Prince Noir, qui devint en 1360 le prince d'Aquitaine, permît aux Anglais de découvrir le vin de Madiran.

Le tannat, cépage principal du Madiran, donne un vin très sombre et très charpenté. C'est donc un vin de garde. Son assemblage avec du Cabernet Franc ou du Cabernet Sauvignon permet de l'assouplir et de le rendre apte à une consommation plus rapide.

Oenology course 19: Le Madiran

Vignoble du Languedoc

23rd May 2016
The Wine and Vine Committee invited us to a Dinner-Conference whose theme was a large wine-producing region in the South of France that currently witnesses a remarkable qualitative evolution:

Le Languedoc

Le vignoble de l’AOC Languedoc doit son existence aux colons Grecs et Etrusques qui y plantent les premières vignes six siècles avant J.-C. Ils découvrent en Languedoc un terroir et des conditions climatiques de prédilection pour la culture de la vigne. Les Romains poursuivent ensuite cette œuvre de plantation. La forte notoriété et l’image du vignoble languedocien se perpétuent jusqu’au milieu du XIXème siècle avec la révolution industrielle et le chemin de fer. Malheureusement, à la fin du XIXème siècle, le phylloxéra n’épargne pas le Languedoc. La reconstruction du vignoble est alors bientôt suivie d’une nouvelle politique de qualité qui se poursuit activement de nos jours.

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Archives of Art and Culture committee

18th November 2014

Art and Culture Committee invited you to visit L’Institut Von Karman de Dynamique des Fluides (AISBL).

10th January 2013

Art and Culture Committee organized at Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels the visit of the exhibition
Constant Permeke - peintre expressionniste flamand ( 1886-1952)

18th september 2012

Art and Culture Committee organized a day cultural, gastronomic and fresh air around the theme BEAUFORT 04 at the Belgian coast, Ostend to Koksijde.

13th april 2012

Visit to MAS – Museum Aan de Stroom in ANVERS